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Palpa Tour

Palpa Tour

Palpa Tour

Tansen situated at an PALPA ~ TANSEN - Queen's of Hill in Nepal.

Palpa is a hilly district in Lumbini zone of the western region. The nuturally beautiful and historically important Palpa has emerged as an important destination for domestic and foreign tourist.. Most of the tourist arriving here compare the climate and terrain of Indian hill station of Darjeeling while others call it the queen of hills or younger brother of Kathmandu. Palpa is called the younger brother of Kathmandu because of similarities named places, temple, square and traditional culture. The Magar and Newar community are dominant in Palpa thus it is possible to closely observe their traditional culture in Palpa.

Palpa is reknowned for its mild climate that is neither too hot nor too cold. Rich in natural beauty and diverse cultural traditions, Palpa district upholds in own distinct history. Palpa was ruled by Magar kings in the ancient time.It was one of the most poweful kingdoms among the Chaubise states (Small principalities) The Magar king was vanquished by the Sen Dyanasty led by first Sen King Rama Sen. King Mahadutta Sen was the last Sen King of Palpa. The Sen King ruled Palpa from capital Tansen until the 18th century. Towards the end of the middle ages. King of Gorkha Narubhupal Shah married Papali princess Kaushalyawati as his second queen and it was uner his grandson regent Bahadur Shah that Palpa was annexed into unified Nepal. District headquater Tansen, Shreenagar, Ranimahal, Bharavsthan and other famous temple are the majmor attracton of Palpa. Palpa lures both domestic and foreign tourist alike. The town of Tansen an amalgamation of Hindu temple, monasteries, churches and mosques is the district headquarters of Palpa. Palpali Dhaka textile, Karuwa (Metal water pitcher with spout) Hukkah, idols sukunda (Old Lamp) spires and varous other items of handicraft have become the symbol of Palpa. There are numerous hotels and lodes ranging inquality from basic to luxurious in Palpa. Palpa is located at a distance of 298 km from Kathmandu. The distance from Pokhara is 120 km . 


The main tourist attraction of Palpa district, Ranimahal, located at Ranighat is a popular destination for tourist. Most people visiting Palpa to visit Ranimahal. The historical places constructed on the bank of the Kalighandaki River is visited by a large number of tourist who arrive here from far away places. The palace nestled at the foot of lush green hhills is also known as the "Taj Mahal of Nepal" The huge palace in the Europen neo-classical design was constructed by the order of Palpa's Governor Khadga Shamsher Rana in memory of his wife Tej Kumari after her death. The palace standing as a testament to eternal love a suitable destination for nature lovers as well as arorous couples. The way of Ranimahal snakes through hillside surrounded by villages and jungles and the return trip to Ranimahal takes one full day. There is no motorable road to Ranimahal. A foot trail from Kailashnagar near the Batasedanda, some 3 km from Tansen which leads to Ranimahal. It takes a 3-4 hrs walk to reach Ranimahal from Batasedanda..

The Bhiravsthan Temple, popular throughout Nepal, is an important religious site of Palpa. A large number of devotees arrive at the ancient temple that is believed to fulfil the wishes of the worshippers. Pilgrims from around Nepal as well as from India flock at the temple to offer worship. The temple houses anidol of Goddess Kali and huge idol of Bairav. Nepal's largest metal trident is also located in front of the temple. Devotees offer a specially prepared bread called "Roti" coconut and metal trident along with prayers at the temple hoping for the fulfillment of their wishes. Huge fairs are helod at the temple in the months of Baisakh, Ashwin and Mangsir. The hilltop temple is also popular for the exquisite view of mountain seen from here. bhairavsthan is 10 km west of Tansen and then temple is located on the hilltop..

  •  2 Nights / 3 Days Program

Day 1:

o    After breakfast, depart to Palpa lunch on the way, Dhangadhi – Palpa drive by 8:30 hrs (460km) 1/2day sightseeing around Tansen Palpa.

o     Dinner / overnight at hotel.

Day 2:

o    Early morning After breakfast, depart to Ranimahal. Lunch on the way, return to Palpa.

o    Dinner / overnight at hotel.


o    Day 3:

o    After breakfast, depart to Palpa. day sightseeing around Tansen Palpa including Palpa Bhairav, Laxmi Narayan, temple, Sri nagar gardenmore.

o    Lunch and departure to dhangadhi.

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